The new international trailer for Ghostbusters was released this morning, and it looks just as bad as the first one. It seems like the humor the film is going for doesn’t match the film’s premise. And despite having new footage to replace some of the cringe worthy moments in the first trailer, it generally consist of most of the same footage along with a few new cringe worthy moments instead. With more Chris Hemsworth and more bad jokes, this trailer is less likely to gain a huge amount of support from naysayers despite having the God of thunder on its side.

Once again, this is an international trailer, not an official trailer 2. So the fact that it contains a lot of the same footage is excusable. But it did offer a few new unfunny scenes to judge the direction of the film by. And with the reaction still remaining negative so far, it’s completely up to the second trailer to reel naysayers in. But if the second trailer consist of entirely new footage with the same feeling to it as the previous ones, then it would be safe to assume that the film suffers from more than just a few poorly put together trailers. I might actually be as bad as we all think. And that would be a shame considering the talent involved with the project.