WWE usually plays things predictably safe. Roman Reigns is set to face Triple H in the main event for the WWE title, and the odds of that changing seem slim. But the biggest issue WWE has with the match is the fact that there’s a huge chance their top baby face star will get booed out of the building after scoring the win. The last time he was spotted on television, the crowd cheered as Triple H, the heel in the feud, was celebrated by fans for destroying Reigns and sending him off TV with a storyline injury. With the WrestleMania crowd usually being less unforgiving than most crowds, it’s almost a guarantee that Reigns will be met with jeers once he hits the spear for the three count.

So far, it seems like WWE is trying to fix their WrestleMania problem by keeping Reigns off television while Dean Ambrose and Triple H head towards Roadblock in an attempt to secure Triple H as a heel. Using Ambrose’s popularity, Triple H will defeat him at Roadblock and gain a lot of heat. WWE is hoping that the move will get the fans on Reigns’ side afterwards, and their problem with WrestleMania’s main event will be fixed. It’s typical WWE booking. They will most likely use Ambrose to help get Reigns over, and then forget about Dean afterwards for a while until his services with helping Roman is needed once again. But it doesn’t have to play out so predictably. If booked right, WrestleMania  32’s main event could become the biggest WrestleMania match in years. And WWE could accomplish making Ambrose a top star while also allowing Reigns to win the title to cheers. Here’s how WWE could fix the lackluster WrestleMania main event.

Dean Ambrose has been on fire since Reigns has been off television. He’s currently set to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, but he’s scheduled to face Triple H for the title this Saturday. Obviously, he’s going to lose, but that hasn’t stopped him from gaining the biggest following he’s had so far. Ambrose is going in to Roadblock massively over with the crowd. The first step to fix the WrestleMania main event is to take avantage of that. During Ambrose vs Triple H, the League of Nations should get involved. The the team surrounds the ring before the match starts, and stack the deck against Dean early on. Triple H and Dean have a great match, but Ambrose still runs in to a little outside interference throughout it. So the match goes on with it being clear that Ambrose is not going to be able to overcome the numbers game. But just as it seems like Ambrose  is sure to lose, Roman Reigns runs down the ramp making his first appearance in weeks.

Reigns runs down and immediately hits a vicious spear on Rusev waiting at the bottom of the ramp. He gets up and runs towards Wade Barrett and lands a superman punch to take him out. But before he could completely regain his footing, Sheamus nails a brogue kick on Reigns to put him down. Throughout the chaos and confusion, Ambrose nails the dirty deeds on Hunter while the ref is distracted by the events outside. Ambrose goes for the pin, but Del Rio pulls him outside of the ring from under the bottom rope. Rusev and Barrett are out for the rest of the match selling their injuries from Reigns, while Sheamus is still working Reigns on the outside of the ring. Del Rio joins him in the assault on him until he turns the tables on the two and get the upper hand.

In the ring, Triple H is still going back and forward with Ambrose. But Hunter is eventually able to gain the upper hand. Reigns finally takes out both Sheamus and Del Rio, and Triple H hits the pedigree on Dean on the inside. But before he can pin Dean, Triple H attention is turned towards Reigns standing outside the ring. He leans over the ropes talking smack to Reigns. After recovering from the superman punch from earlier, Barrett tries to enter the ring in order to attack Dean while he’s still recovering. The ref turns his attention to Barrett as he attempts to keep him out of the ring. With the ref occupied, and Dean starting to make it back to his feet, Reigns delivers a superman punch from outside the ring to Triple H while he’s leaning over the rope. Hunter stumbles back right in to a dirty deeds from Ambrose. Dean scores the three count, and is crowned the new WWE world heavyweight champion. Dean celebrates to a huge pop from the crowd, and Reigns runs in to the ring to hug him and hold Dean’s arm up in victory.

Monday Night Raw kicks off with Triple H hitting the ring extremely furious. He goes in to a promo about how Dean winning was a fluke, and how he needed Roman to help him score the victory. Dean’s music hits and he comes to the ring with Roman next to him. They both hit the ring, and Dean does most, if not all, of the talking for the two. He reminds Triple H that he had him beat before Del Rio interfered. Reigns also states that his involvement in the match was not to help Dean win, but to even the odds for him along with a little payback for Raw a few weeks ago. Triple H, being the former champion, is entitled a rematch. He reminds Ambrose of that, and states that he wants that rematch at WrestleMania. Both Ambrose and Reigns remind him that Reigns is currently the number one contender for WrestleMania, and that Triple H will have to wait his turn and go to the back of the line. This pisses Triple H off even more, so he makes the match in to a triple threat match with himself involved instead. And just when things seem like it can’t get any better, Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring.

Paul Heyman reminds everyone in the ring that Brock Lesnar was originally scheduled to take on Dean at WrestleMania in a street fight. So with Dean now WWE champion, Heyman’s argument is that their scheduled match should still take place as was originally intended. But considering Dean’s change in status, the match should now be for the WWE title. The segment shows exactly how much of a mess Dean made by actually winning the title. So the segment ends with Triple H, or another authority figure like Vince, announcing that the WrestleMania event will be settled by the end of the show. So with that segment setting the stage for an announcement of a solution later in the show, we finally get an answer that will take WrestleMania to the next level. It is announced that it will be Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar in a fatal 4-way street fight.

So let’s skip to WrestleMania for the outcome, because it has to go down a certain way to achieve the result WWE is going for. Close to the end of it, it is extremely important for Brock to take Ambrose completely out of the match. It not only sets up for them to have a one on one encounter later, but it will make the ending of Reigns winning easier to take for naysayers if Dean is in no shape to continue. An F-5 on a commentary table should take care of that. So in the closing moments, Reigns and Triple H should take care of Brock. A temporary alliance against him would gain a massive pop. But regardless of how things play out, or how they address Lesnar, two things definitely need to happen. Ambrose should be taken out completely close to the end, and Reigns should pin Triple H to win the title.

Hands down, this would be a better WrestleMania main event than Reigns vs Triple H. But let’s look at how the storyline could help get Reigns over. One of the biggest complaints about Roman is how Dean is constantly used to put him over. In any case in which they’ve had to face each other, Roman has always pinned Dean. And it seems like Ambrose is only used to help get Reigns over most of the time when he’s actually being pushed. So it would do wonders for repairing Roman’s relationship with fans if he actually helped Dean win the world title. Dean almost scoring the win by himself would help to keep him looking strong, but the assist at the end of the match afterwards would show that Reigns is just as dedicated to having Dean’s back as he has been for him. It makes their relationship less one sided, and shows that Reigns could put his personal goals aside to help his friend reach his. After months of fans wanting Ambrose to become champion, how can you not like Reigns after help it finally come true?

We get a full month of Dean being the man. He does most of the back and forward talking against Triple H, but Reigns is punished along with him in matches against the League of Nations and other opponents Hunter sees fit. Reigns remains involved with Ambrose as the feud moves forward to WrestleMania. And when the time comes for him to claim the win, pinning Triple H is the absolute best option. Not only does he gain a big win by pinning Hunter, both Ambrose and Lesnar keep the momentum they’ve built. Reigns gets his WrestleMania win, Triple H gives him a good rub by taking the pinfall, Ambrose still keeps his momentum from his short title run and could be truly considered a top guy, and Lesnar comes out still as strong as he was when he went in. Also, Lesnar taking Ambrose out of the match could add on to their feud if WWE considers picking it up where it left off. The results are far better than the main event currently booked, and both Reigns and Ambrose leave WrestleMania better for it.

So that was my idea on how to fix the WrestleMania main event. Comment below and let me know what you think, and share your ideas as well.