Last night the Scarlet Speedster and the Girl of Steel teamed up for the very first time. And judging by the chemistry between Barry and Kara, this doesn’t seem like the last time we’ll see the two together. Being the biggest DC television crossover to date, The Flash speeds all the way from The CW and right on to CBS in the first episode in the Arrowverse to have a crossover between two different networks. But did it live up to the hype? Mostly. There were a few head scratching moments that were mostly the fault of Supergirl’s writing team. But those minor moments do nothing to hurt the spectacle of seeing the two in action together.

Supergirl picks up right after the last episode with the Silver Banshee discovering her powers while falling off of a roof. Finding out more about her heritage and the curse that runs in her family, she decides to focus her attention on to getting revenge against Cat Grant and Kara. After sending Kara flying out of a window, The Flash enters in to their world just in time to catch her. Shocking each other with the powers they possess, both Supergirl and The Flash team up to take on Live Wire and Silver Banshee before Barry eventually finds a way back home.

What I liked

There was a lot to love about this episode. The thing that sticks out the most is how well Barry and Kara connected with each other. Supergirl has a far lighter tone than The Flash, but the tone is similar enough for both characters to work extremely well together. Both Barry and Kara are a treat to watch together, and Barry’s interaction with Cat was outright hilarious at times. The CW remark Cat makes was definitely geared towards the fans of The Flash tuning in. In fact, the episode felt more like it was showcasing some of its best elements in order to grab the attention of some of the audience tuning in to see The Flash. It was a good demonstration of how far the show has come from the lackluster beginning of the season to reintroduce the audience to.

The witty dialog, excellent action, and the intriguing cliffhanger of an ending was enough to reel in a few new viewers. Unfortunately, the show is taking a one week break before returning with a follow up episode. Putting that kind of distance from this episode and the next after gaining a few new viewers is probably not the best idea in order to keep them. But with Supergirl’s story headed in a new direction according to the cliffhanger, the break may have very little effect on the show.

What I disliked

There was plenty to like about the episode, but there were a few minor gripes about it that took very little away from it. The way The Flash makes his intro on to the show left a little to be desired, and the exclusion of the rest of the cast made the crossover seem less epic. The makeover Live Wire gave Silver Banshee made sense for the show’s version of the character, but the line of “Let’s give you a makeover”, along with how it looks, came off really cheesy. I would have rather her face changed in to more of a traditional Silver Banshee look whenever she screamed than the look she was given through makeup.

There’s also the odd decision The Flash made to hit Live Wire, a character made solely out of electricity, with a lightning bolt. You would have thought the first choice would have been water. You could argue that his version of the character, Blackout, was stopped by Barry using some of his electricity against him, but fans of Supergirl whom may not have watched The Flash before will just think that his decision was kind of odd. Also, the firefighters saving the day was a great ending, but not for an episode in which both The Flash and Supergirl are teaming up. It sort of made both of heroes look useless in the end. But other than those minor complaints, the show really delivered in everything fans of both shows were hoping for.

The Flash/Supergirl  crossover may not have had the epic feel of some of the other DC crossovers, but it was a lot of fun. The two blended so well together, it was a little disappointing that Supergirl couldn’t travel to The Flash’s show as well, but there’s always next time. After all, both shows have been renewed for a new season. Maybe their next crossover will have a lot more buildup and higher stakes. But as for a first encounter with each other, it delivered the kind of fun and excitement we were hoping for.