News recently broke that Ben Affleck is set to direct the next solo Batman film based off of a script personally written by The Dark Knight himself. With Affleck’s track record with writing and directing, along with his deep love for the character, the new film seems destined to be home run for Warner Bros. But despite how a well a Batman film featuring this version of the character would be received as a straight forward film, the best way to reintroduce a new Batman franchise would be to incorporate other forms of popular media based on the character in to the film. And at the moment, the Arkham video games are still extremely popular and perfect for a loose adaptation.

Batman v Superman pulled a lot of different elements from the comics, and even from some of the video games. It would seem like an obvious decision for the next Batman film to do the same. So Arkham Asylum seems like the perfect place to start in order to reintroduce the character on screen in his own film. Here are five reasons why the next Batman film should be inspired by Arkham Asylum.

5. It’s different

Batman has seen two different film franchises, and is currently involved in the launching of his third. We’ve seen him take on numerous villains over the years since 1989. And despite how different the Nolan, Burton, and Schumacher films were, we’ve seen enough of the character to warrant another spin on the next film. A Batman film inspired by the Arkham game series takes the character in a different direction than before, and allows the character to be challenged in a different way. There’s no need to waste time on an origin story of any of the villains since this version of Batman has been active for years, and it allows Batman to do what he does best, which is serve up justice one face punch at a time.

4. We get more Batman

Regardless of if fans liked or dislike Batman v Superman, it was unanimous among fans that Ben Affleck’s version of Batman was incredible. A lot of fans consider his fight scene alone in a warehouse to be the best part of the film. Discussions immediately went to how a stand alone Batman film would look. If inspired by the Arkham games, then we would receive more Batman than ever before. With a few scenes with Bruce Wayne, the rest of the film could be dominated by Batman trying to survive throughout the night. The story would warrant for him to fight his way through Arkham, and would help to show the character with the odds stacked against him in a new way.

Fans are excited about the news of the new film because they want to see more of Affleck’s interpretation of Batman. Choosing to use the Arkham games for inspiration guarantees that Affleck will have a lot of screen time in the suit, and the lack of Bruce Wayne throughout the film could be substituted with Batman doing actual detective work. It all depends on if Affleck wants to spend the majority of the film in the suit or not, but it would really have a lasting effect if the film ends with him finally making it back to the Batcave and taking off his cowl for the first time since the beginning of the film.

3. More Alfred and Batman interaction

It was great seeing Alfred assist Batman via earpiece in Batman v Superman. It was even better seeing him do it while lounged back enjoying a glass of alcohol. Although it would be highly entertaining to hear Alfred grow progressively drunk throughout the night, I’m pretty sure the film will not go that comedic route. But it would be interesting to see how Alfred assist Bruce from the other side of the earpiece during Batman’s nights out patrolling Gotham.

2. An easy way to introduce Batman villains

This is a new universe separate from what has come before. Therefore, Batman will have to face new versions of the villains we’ve already seen on screen, and characters new to film. Setting a story up in which Batman is locked in with some of his greatest villains takes care of introducing them to the universe in one film. Imagine the possibilities of Victor Zsasz and The Riddler in the same film as Two-Face and The Joker. Deadshot could make an appearance, and we could even see The Penguin working in the background with his own scheme. The possibilities are limitless.

The Joker was the main antagonist in the video games, and could continue that role in the film. This would probably be the first time we see Affleck’s Batman take on Leto’s Joker in a full length film dedicated to them, so why not allow The Joker to shine throughout the entire film? It’s an easy way to set up a lot of villains for solo films against Batman later, and a way to give Leto a chance to truly shine against Affleck’s Batman.

1. It’s basically Die Hard/The Raid with Batman

Batman had only one scene in Batman v Superman to show off his hand to hand skills, and fans have deemed it the most memorable scene in the film. Imagine that type of brutal intensity with Batman having to survive a full night locked inside with some of his biggest enemies. Imagine him slowly running out of gadgets in his belt as he fights his way through enemies out for blood. If you’ve seen The Raid, then it’s easy to imagine Batman in a similar situation in which he’s desperate to survive. There could be tension with how he’s hunted down, there could be moments in which he has to think of his feet, and the action scenes could be mind blowing if choreographed similar to his fight in BvS.

Batman in a Die Hard situation would be new for the character on screen, and would be the perfect way to relaunch his solo film franchise.

So those are my five reasons why the next film should draw inspiration from the Arkham series. Not only is the game series perfect to pick from, it would blend very well with the tone DC has set for their films so far. No matter what story Ben Affleck goes with, I’m sure it will be on par with his previous work. A Batman film in his hands has a chance to be something incredible. But with an amazing concept as the Arkham series ripe for the picking, it would be a shame if none of the future Batman films never capitalize off of it.