The Flash - Episode 2.20 - Rupture

Barry found himself dealing with the influences of three father figures in his life. Each with a different opinion on how he should deal with Zoom terrorizing the city. Henry, Barry’s biological father, is the man Barry looks up to. He’s the father that was taken away from him at a young age that is trying to reconnect with him in the outside world. There will always be missed time between the two, so Henry’s opinions matter to Barry as they form a new bond in his adulthood. Henry’s opinion is for Barry to have a normal life without dealing with the risk of attempting to use the particle accelerator to regain his powers. He’s overprotective of his son, and would rather see him safe than going against Zoom.

Harrison Wells, a mentor and somewhat father figure, is the man Barry looks to for approval in a way. Their relationship is complicated, but there’s no denying the influence he has on Barry.¬† He wanted to set off the particle accelerator to give Barry back his speed, and believed that he could contain it this time to avoid making new metahumans. But the risk of it not working and possibly causing more harm than good leaves Barry doubtful of if he should go through with it. Joe, the man that took him in as a child, trust Barry enough to leave the decision to him. He understands that this is a decision without a clear right or wrong choice, and does his best as a father figure to make it clear to Barry that this difficult decision is something Barry would have to live with the consequences of. He comforts Barry the best way he knows how to, and makes it clear that he would stand by him no matter what decision he makes. Three father figures with three different views of what path their son should take. But in the end, it was up to Barry to decide what happens next.

After figuring out a way to make The Flash appear as if he was still patrolling the city, the team continued their quest to find a way to stop Zoom. Harrison Wells thinks he could restore Barry’s powers with another particle accelerator explosion, but the risk is too great for Barry to commit to. But Rupture, a doppelganger from Earth-2 of Cisco’s brother Dante, comes to Earth-1 to avenge his brother Reverb. The deadly threat to Cisco causes Barry to put more thought in to if he should attempt to regain his powers or not. The team eventually tricks Rupture in to a trap and take him down, but Zoom begins to terrorize the city. Murdering police officers on live television and threatening the city with a reign of terror, Zoom leaves Barry no choice but to allow Wells to attempt to restore his powers. Jesse and Wally are locked away in safety to keep them out of Zoom’s reach. But when the particle accelerator explodes, they’re caught within it as well while trying to leave the room they were locked in. Barry’s body is nowhere to be found, and Zoom taunts the team for inadvertently killing Barry.

What I liked

The relationship between Dante and Cisco was finally repaired. After years of not being close, Dante’s introduction in to the world Cisco in involved in opened his eyes to how big things are in Cisco’s life. Suddenly, their issues with each other mattered less. Cisco seeing Rupture killed by Zoom was like watching his brother die, so that gave him more incentive to repair things between them. Dante now understanding how complex Cisco’s life is at the moment brought more clarity to their relationship. Although Dante isn’t a recurring cast member, it was nice to see the brothers finally put their issues to rest.

Another interesting part of the episode was the fact that both Jesse and Wally were caught in the explosion from the particle accelerator. While it’s obvious what happens next if you’re familiar with the comic book, I’ll try to avoid any spoilers for readers that are not. It’s not a spoiler to state that there will be consequences for the two being caught in the explosion. Super powers will eventually emerge within them to match their comic book counterparts. But what was interesting is that it happened so soon. I wasn’t expecting Wally and Jesse to go through the process of gaining their powers so soon. I expected it happening at least later in season three. However, their discovery of their powers might take place later like how Cisco’s powers emerged. I’m hoping they will be revealed much later, but it was surprising that they were caught in the blast so soon.

What I disliked

There wasn’t anything I disliked in this episode to be honest. I would have rather seen Rupture survive in the end, but that wasn’t a downside to the episode. For the most part, the episode captured Zoom’s duality perfectly and continued to make him out as a terrifying threat to the city. It weighed the pros and cons of setting off the particle accelerator, and ended on a dramatic note with the team believing that they may have killed Barry in the process of attempting to restore his powers. From Iris finally making a move on Barry, to Henry finally making the move back to Central City for good, everything about the episode lead to the story moving forward in the next few episodes to a big payoff. Even the mention of Henry’s mother’s maiden name being Garrick feels like a setup for something bigger in the future. There’s nothing I can think of that truly stood out as an absolute negative in this episode.

After an episode that ended questionably with Barry giving up his powers, and one that felt completely like filler, The Flash returned in a big way with Rupture. It was a return to the emphasis on drama, heart, and spectacle fans of The Flash have grown used to. With only a few episodes left, we’re headed in to the final moments before the season finale of what has been an incredible season of The Flash. Headed towards the finish line, this episode really picked up speed; pun intended.