Today we celebrate the fallen soldiers that have sacrificed their lives for us. Your services are greatly appreciated by all of us. But speaking of appreciation, one person destined to be overlooked and eventually underappreciated is Seth Rollins. Coming back from an injury that left him on the sidelines for months, Seth immediately entered in to a feud with Roman Reigns for the world heavyweight title. It makes perfect sense for for the feud to ignite, considering that Rollins never lost the title and Reigns’ history with him. It has the makings of what could have been great storytelling with an easy storyline to get behind. But the stage was set last week for Rollins to become just another wasted superstar used only as a way to validate Roman Reigns as a top star. And judging by WWE’s history of handling stars in feuds with Reigns, Rollins will leave the feud with more damage to his credibility than when he entered it.

After months of being on the shelf and gaining the support of fans in his absence, Seth Rollins returned to WWE and hit Roman Reigns with a vicious Pedigree. The audience cheered “Thank you Seth” as he celebrated his return and stood over the world heavyweight champion. He then returned on Monday Night Raw the next day to the hugest pop on the show since Shane McMahon’s return. The cheers were so loud and constant, Rollins struggled to get a word out. But as he had the crowd in the palm of his hand, he crushed them by immediately turning hell. He played up his heel persona like only he could to turn the crowd completely against him. He insulted and belittled them until he received a huge negative reaction. Rollins, the superstar returning from an injury and turning against the fans, heeled it up as much as possible before Roman’s music gained bigger jeers than Rollins did. This set Reigns, the superstar that is gaining “go away” heat, as the face in the feud while Rollins will be wasted as a heel.

The problem with this feud is that Roman Reigns doesn’t lose. Despite multiple finishers, chair shots, and numbers against him, Reigns always kicks out and always wins. He crushed The Club on his own multiple times in the past few weeks, and has seemed more indestructible than ever. And he has already defeated Rollins twice in the past when Rollins was the world heavyweight champion. So in the end, Rollins’ return was wasted for the sole purpose of having Reigns to defeat him in order to end the “I never lost the title” storyline, which will only validate Reigns as the true champion and do nothing for Rollins in the end.

With a brand split on it’s way, Rollins has a chance to possibly shine on SmackDown as a world champion without the burden of only being a placeholder for Reigns. His first title run was lackluster due to the company only giving him the title to avoid Reigns being booed out of WrestleMania. So hopefully he will be given a chance to actually live up to his full potential. But his momentum as a top face was killed off in order to go up against Reigns, so we will have to wait and see how things play out for Rollins post Reigns feud. And considering that the booking for Reigns has hurt everyone he’s been involved with so far, we’ll have to hold on to hope that Rollins makes it out without any damage to his credibility. But regardless of what happens with Rollins in the future, WWE has already wasted his return and will most like flush what could have been a great story down the drain.