The Mitigation of Competition

By Awkward Librarian


What I like about Orphan Black is that they took a highly scientific subject of cloning and genetic manipulation and created a narrative that is engaging and challenging. As we wait for the Season 4 finale, here are some thoughts and questions that I’m thinking about:

(Spoilers Ahead)

1. What was Helena doing while she was away?

Living off the land in all her pregnant splendor, apparently. I really missed seeing her these past episodes, so it was good to see her again. In case we thought she was struggling out in the world on her own, the way she carried the deer she shot proves she’s quite capable of taking care of herself. In fact, she can take care of other people too. Donnie and Allison, I’m talking about you!

2. What is up with the swan?

Susan gives Cosima a first edition of On The Science of Neolution, the foundation and inspiration for what the Neolutionists are all about. As Cosima was flipping through, we see an image of a swan. Might this be a key to understanding Rachel’s visions? Of course it is! But what exactly does it all mean. I know that there is a Greek mythology that ties in to all of this, and I’m interested to see how the director answers this in the finale.

3. Another crooked cop?!?

Where do the Neolutionists find these people? We know that the Neolutionists have no problem using family members as a tool to blackmail, but how many more people are working for the Neolutionists? Will we see more pop up in the finale?

4. Alison’s crisis of faith.

I actually think that it’s interesting to watch Allison deal with the effects of trying to take down the Neolutionists. If your moral compass is tied into law and order, then it must be hard to have to lie, steal, and kill in order to survive. I think Helena saving the day might be Alison’s answer to the question of which moral philosophy to follow.

5. Delphine!!!

Ok, so the French one is back! Cosima will be thrilled, but I wonder what this means. Is Delphine working with the Neolutionists? Is she being held against her will? From the brief moment she was on screen, she didn’t seem shocked, more perturbed really, when the unknown hand touched her shoulder.


The season finale airs next week. It will be interesting to see if my questions get answered, or if more questions will be created.