Preacher: The Possibilities proves that an episode dedicated to giving the audience information instead of fully focusing on moving the story forward can still be incredibly entertaining. Some of the backstory to Jesse and Tulip’s falling out is revealed, and some light is finally shed on the identities of the two mystery men chasing after Jesse. But with so much finally revealed, there are still a lot that has yet to be fully explained as new characters are starting to become more prominent in the story. Also, the entity inside of Jesse is still surrounded in mystery. The place in which it came from is finally revealed, but what it is and why it chose Jesse remains unexplained. If you haven’t watched Preacher: The Possibilities yet, then be warned that there will be spoilers ahead. So I highly suggest to view the episode before continuing.

Warning. Contains spoilers.

It is revealed that the last job Tulip and Jesse performed together fell apart in the middle of it. Another person working the job along with them by the name of Carlos betrayed both Tulip and Jesse. The botched job eventually leads to the two having a falling out with each other, and it’s left unexplained as to how the fallout transpired. Tulip receives information on the whereabouts of Carlos in hopes of finally getting revenge, so she sets out to find Jesse to convince him to join her. Cassidy discovers that the two mysterious men he killed previously are still alive after running them down with a van and killing them for the second time. They make an appearance inside the church as Cassidy is cleaning up from burying them for the second time. Cassidy eventually has a conversation with them after they convince him that they are not after him, but what’s inside Jesse instead. This leads to the two revealing that they are both from heaven, and that they need his help in capturing the entity that has escaped.

Meanwhile, Jesse finds himself struggling with the newfound power inside him. He was able to make a comatose patient open her eyes, and was able to see the extent of his power after testing it out on Cassidy, but he learns that there is an evil to it that brings the darkness out of him. His experimenting with it along with Cassidy becomes a little sadistic, and he also comes close to making Danny shoot himself in the head after being ambushed by him in a restroom. The inner struggle forces Jesse to reevaluate his powers as the theme of the possibilities of him having such power is further explored throughout the episode.

This episode of Preacher had very little in story progression and a lot more involved in fleshing out the mysteries and characters of the story. So despite very little progress in moving forward, Preacher: The Possibilities was able to remain incredibly entertaining by investing enough in to the storylines already established. And while there is a lot to be revealed later, it speaks to the caliber of writing on the show that an episode with the sole purpose of character and story development without moving the story forward much can still deliver such entertainment. Preacher is one of the best shows currently on television, and episodes like The Possibilities shows that sometimes less can be more.