Roman Reigns has received mixed reactions from fans since this year’s Royal Rumble. His character has suffered from questionable booking decisions along with WWE forcing him in to a spot as the top face of the company despite his crowd reaction. Fans have openly expressed interest in a Reigns heel turn due to the frequent amount of jeers he receives whenever he’s featured on television, but WWE has remained dedicated to marketing Reigns as a top face. But after losing the title to Seth Rollins clean at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns has been given the perfect opportunity for not only a big heel turn, but a heel turn that makes a lot of sense. Roman Reigns now has the perfect opportunity to become the biggest heel in the company.


Roman Reigns lost his title to Seth Rollins last night in what was an incredible match between the two. Rollins, despite being the heel, had the crowd behind him the entire time. His story of reclaiming what he never lost, the WWE title, was enough to pull fans behind him. And regardless of WWE’s buildup for the feud that played off Rollins turning his back on his former Shield brothers, as well as stealing Roman’s Wrestlemania moment, the story behind his return was too powerful for fans to ignore. So Roman Reigns once again found himself in a match against a heel that was getting a far better face reaction from fans in attendance than he was. But instead of simply shrugging it off as usual, Reigns displayed a side of himself that was a taste of how incredibly vicious he could be if he wasn’t held down by WWE’s obsession with him being a top face.

Roman Reigns was the heel of the match regardless of how he was booked. From the smack talking, to the domination of Rollins throughout the match, Reigns shined in the position that fits him the best. And when he finally fell to Rollins, Dean Ambrose cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the WWE title giving Reigns the perfect opportunity to finally turn heel. The story writes itself. Ambrose has stood by Reigns’ side as he fought for, and carried, the title numerous times. Ambrose has watched his back every step of the way until recently. So the question now is if Reigns is willing to do the same for Ambrose. Would he congratulate his friend and walk away from being champ, or will he want a title shot? And if he decides to go after the title, which will most likely be the choice, how far is he willing to go to get it back? It’s obvious that the ending to Money in the Bank was booked as a way to setup a Shield triple threat for the title. But the questions surrounding how Reigns will handle Ambrose’s title reign, as well as how compelling the story could be given their history, make it the perfect time for Reigns to organically turn heel.


Roman Reigns shouldn’t turn heel due to the negative reaction he gets from fans, even if it’s deafening at times. Roman Reigns should turn heel because he’s actually good at being one. From his tired out “The Guy” speech that comes off more like he’s intentionally annoying the audience, to his aggressive display of power in the ring, everything about Reigns including his look screams heel. And it seems like whenever he flirts with the idea of a heel turn, he looks more comfortable with it. A face wouldn’t verbally belittle his opponent in the ring like Reigns did to Rollins last night, but that is exactly what he did with ease. A heel personality is what he’s comfortable with as a performer. It even shows in his promos. Roman Reigns is a top heel being held back by WWE’s horrible booking decisions, and there is no better time than now for him to finally make that turn. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out in the next few weeks. But if WWE is waiting to strike when the iron is hot, then it has never been hotter than it is now for Reigns to finally make the turn his character needs.