After weeks of storytelling that still seemed more concerned with exploring the world of Preacher than moving the plot forward, Sundowner finally delivers a few answers to the show’s piling questions. Jesse discovered that the entity inside of him wasn’t God in the last episode, and Sundowner further explained the origin of it. Jesse learns that genesis, a being spawned from the intercourse between an angel and a demon, has escaped from heaven and chose him as its vessel. But despite learning the truth about genesis, Jesse is determined to still use it to spread the word of the lord to Annville no matter the cost. And as it is revealed by the end of the episode, the cost is greater than Jesse had expected. 

After taking in the news from the angels appointed to guard genesis about its true origin, Jesse finds himself in a bloody fight with another angel bent on killing him. The angel chase down Jesse and the two custodians and enter a violent battle that ends with the discarded dead bodies of respawned angels filling the room. Afterwards, Jesse decides to continue his plan to spread the word with genesis despite knowing that he’s taking away the free will of the people in attendance in order to do so. Cassidy tries to reason with him to no avail before finding himself later confronted with the reality that he unknowingly slept with Jesse’s on and off again girlfriend, Tulip. The revelation causes both Cassidy and Tulip to reevaluate how to handle things moving forward after entering a nonverbal agreement to keep it from Jesse. But it is made clear that the night they spent together might have repercussions later in the series.

While Jesse is trying to wrap his head around all of the new information he’s gained on genesis, Eugene is struggling to fit in to the new life that was made for him by the power tripping preacher. People whom may have been cruel to Eugene before are now incredibly nice and accepting of him. Although it finally returns a sense of normalcy to his life that he hasn’t experienced in a long time, he’s also aware that there is a lack of choice for the people showing him kindness. They’re not acting out of free will, they’re simply responding to Jesse’s power of suggestion. But when Eugene confronts Jesse on his actions of removing the free will of the people he’s helping, Jesse loses his temper while being lectured. Jesse tells Eugene to go to hell. But unfortunately for Eugene, genesis makes the statement a reality. The show ends with a crowd of church goers waiting outside to enter the church as Jesse tries to process what he had just done to Eugene. 

 My biggest complaint about the episode before Sundowner was that we were reaching the middle mark of the season without any real answers to the vagueness of the show. This episode answered a great deal of them without any hesitation. It’s a great and much needed step forward for the storyline, and it also takes things to the next level by showing how powerful Jesse’s word really is. But it also sets up a much unneeded love triagle between Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy that could border into cliché territory if handled wrong. But despite this storyline issue, the show seems to be gearing up for an incredible last stretch of the season that will give fans of the series satisfying answers and move past its reliance of obscurity. If you were slightly put off by the last episode of Preacher seeming to show signs of the show stalling, then Preacher: Sundowner will restore your faith in Preacher with how if moves forward in a big way this week. Episodes like Sundowner is why we tune in every Sunday. And if the rest of the season is going to follow its lead, then Jesse’s power of suggestion isn’t needed to convince fans to keep tuning in.