The newest episode of Preacher picks up immediately after Sundowner, which ends with Jesse inadvertently sending Eugene to hell. After realizing his mistake, Jesse continues to move forward and perform his church service as if it never happened. But no matter how hard he tries to ignore it, his actions haunt him deep inside regardless of how he tries to justify them. Cassidy, whom is the last person expected to be a voice of reason, tries relentlessly to bring Jesse to his senses after witnessing what he’s done. But Jesse’s determination to continue his work, along with his rationalizing of his actions to relieve his guilt, exposes just how far gone the preacher has become.

Eugene’s past is revealed during a back and forward between Jesse and Cassidy. In an attempt to lessen his guilt, Jesse informs Cassidy of why he feels Eugene deserves everything he’s getting in the fiery pit. Turns out Tracy Loach, the girl in a coma from previous episodes, was Eugene’s doing. After being turned down by her, he took a shotgun to her in retaliation before turning it on himself. This is drastically different from his comic book counterpart whom decided to take his own life due to his admiration for Kurt Cobain. The change was most likely due to the fact that the comic was written closer to Cobain’s death, but the show takes place twenty-two years later. But despite the difference in the reasoning behind his suicide attempt, the previous episode referenced the comic by showing a Nirvana sticker inside of Eugene’s school locker. The change in the story paints Eugene in a far more sinister light than the comic, but it fits the concept of the people of Annville being sinners that Jesse feels need saving. The town has a lot of secrets that have yet to be revealed.


Eugene’s past wasn’t the only thing that the episode shed light on. Jesse and Tulip’s early childhood friendship was revealed as well. Tulip, whom is from a broken home, stayed with Jesse for a while before services took her away. Jesse’s father allowed her to be taken. And due to this, Jesse prays later in the night for his father to die. Their home is raided in the middle of the night, and Jesse’s father is killed in front of him. Preacher Custer blames himself for what happened to his father. It could very well be the reason why he chose to return to Annville and spread the word. But the way in which he’s decided to spread it is starting to show how lost he has become with his newfound power.

Cassidy tries his best to show Jesse how dark the path he has chosen is. But despite going as far as to reveal himself as a vampire to him in order to be as transparent as possible, Jesse’s way of thinking makes him turn his back on Cassidy and brand him as a sinful abomination. Cassidy is left outside the church and Jesse turns his back on him. But his friendship ending with Cassidy and his act of condemning Eugene to hell aren’t the only things Preacher Custer has on his plate. Odin Quincannon reveals that he was not affected by the word of Genesis, and won their bet for Jesse’s church. Refusing to give up his father’s church, Jesse makes an enemy in Odin. The episode ends with Odin closing in on the church with an army of men behind him leaving the assumption that his next step is to take the church by force.

He Gone is another huge step forward in storytelling for Preacher. While Sundowner laid the cards on the table and revealed a lot of the show’s mysteries, He Gone sets up multiple conflicts for Jesse, including the one he has with himself over his actions towards Eugene. With four episodes left, and new conflicts for Jesse to deal with, it seems like He Gone is the beginning of what will be an incredible last stretch of the first season of Preacher.