Jesse finds himself in the middle of a battle against Odin Quincannon for his father’s church. And despite now being a man of faith that is against taking a life, Jesse makes it clear that he isn’t afraid to hurt people in the process of standing his ground. One unfortunate soldier of Quincannon’s army discovered that the hard way after having his penis blown off in the shootout. And with both sides determined to end the battle in their favor, the shootout was only destined to become bloodier as it went on. So stuck between a rock and a hard place, and slowly losing his mind with guilt while still dealing with what he’s done to Eugene, Jesse decides to give up Genesis to the angels sent to retrieve it. But in the process of finally letting go of it, Jesse realizes that he never considered the thought that maybe Genesis isn’t ready to let him go.

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After finally removing Genesis, the entity that had resided inside of him since the pilot escaped once again and reentered Jesse. The angels sent to bring it back to heaven give up their mission and leave Jesse to deal with Genesis on his own. Meanwhile, Tulip adopts a dog and spends time with it before feeding it to Cassidy in order for him to heal from the damage done from exposing himself to the sun in the previous episode. We get very little from Tulip, and even less from Cassidy this episode due to the majority of it revolving around the shootout. But we finally receive some needed backstory on how Odin Quincannon lost his faith after losing his entire family in an accident during a ski trip.


After battling it out for most of the episode, Odin continues to throw more men at Jesse relentlessly until Donny intentionally makes himself deaf in order to confront Jesse. With the word of Genesis powerless against Donny, Jesse has no choice but to surrender to him. But Jesse isn’t done fighting for his church yet. He has one more thing up his sleeve to try. In order to save his church, and gain answers for both Qdin and himself, Jesse vows to bring God to Annville in his next church service.


This episode of Preacher was less reliant on storytelling than it was on action. But despite that being the case, the segments of storytelling we were treated to were moments that greatly pushed the story forward. We now understand what drove Odin Quincannon mad, and how his obsession with meat grew. There’s also the sense that his immunity to the word from Jesse is probably due to his feelings of disdain and disbelief of God. We now know that Genesis has formed a connection with Jesse, and it is now possibly a permanent fusion of the two.

But we’re also left with questions as well. The bigger ones concerning how Cassidy will respond to Jesse’s reaction to his secret, and if Jesse is actually seeing Eugene or imagining it. There’s also a chance that Jesse isn’t imagining it, and he actually summoned something else from hell that has taken on Eugene’s form. And the biggest question we’re left with is if it’s actually possible for Jesse to bring God to his church. But with only two episodes left, we’ll find out soon enough. Preacher: El Valero delivered in the kind of dark humor and violence we’ve grown accustomed to from the show, and continued what has been a great second half of the season. And with the final two episodes just around the corner, El Valero setup what will be an incredible finale.