Mr. Robot - Season 2

Mr. Robot: Kernal Panic opens with a brief history of the F Society headquarters, and how the group eventually gained access to it. And while it seems unconnected to the rest of the episode at first, the base of F Society’s operations becomes the closing focus point of the episode once FBI Agent Dominique DiPierro discovers it. Investigating the murder of Romero, Dominique visits his mother and finds evidence that he was a part of the hacker group along with the address of their hidden base. The episode closes with her making the discovery, and Romero’s murder case still under investigation.

Meanwhile, Darlene tries to reassure Mobley and Trenton that they are not being targeted. Romero’s murder has everyone on edge, and fingers are starting to point towards Elliot. But Darlene is convinced that Elliot had nothing to do with it, and reassures them that she will visit him soon in order to discuss what has happened. But as the group struggles to keep things together, Elliot is struggling to keep his sanity. Mr. Robot has taken control away from Elliot. His conversation with Tyrell leaves him with more questions than answers, and his more sinister half is keeping him in the dark as much as possible. So Elliot decides to rid himself of Mr. Robot for good even if it means taking his own life in the process.


Elliot intentionally tries to overdose on prescription medication before Mr. Robot tricks him in to throwing the pills back up by making him hallucinate being tortured by government agents. Coming to his senses, Elliot sorts through his vomit and swallows a few of the pills once again. Afterwards, he attempts to go as long as he could without sleep while sticking to prescribed medication, but his mind starts to crash after days of being awake. He starts to break down once again, and Mr’ Robot returns to him after being missing for days. Elliot has officially crashed mentally, and is now too far gone to piece everything back together.

After Elliot throws away his notebook after ranting about god in his church group, Ray later returns it to him and confesses that he also talks to someone that isn’t there as well. The first episode gave us little information about Ray. But it has become apparent that the dog walking nice guy whom seems only in search of conversation has a lot more to him than his introduction suggested. And the question now is what does he want with Elliot? And what exactly did they discuss when Mr. Robot was in control of him?

Mr. Robot - Season 2

But while Elliot tries to hold on to the thread of sanity he has left, Angela is determined to move up in the corporate world of Evil Corp. She’s become comfortable with her status inside the company, and has grown closer to Price since working close to him. After giving him advice on which news outlet to be interviewed by, Price invites her to dinner. But the dinner is far from a date as Angela is surprised to see two other business associates at the table as well. As conversations continue throughout the night, Angela gains a good idea of their personalities and who they are as people. And as soon as they leave both Angela and Price alone for the night, Price dropped an unexpected bomb on Angela.

Price reveals that the two men were responsible for the death of both her mother and Elliot’s father, and he has enough evidence to put them away for a long time. He gives her a disc containing all of the evidence, and leaves the choice up to her to decide what to do with it. His only advice to her is to consider separating feelings from her decision if she decides to destroy the lives of the two men she had just met. And while his intentions are not clear at the moment, it seems like Price is testing Angela and making her just as cold as he is when it comes to the company she is now involved with. But what happens next involving the evidence is entirely in Angela’s hands.

Mr. Robot - Season 2

Mr. Robot: Kernal Panic continued Elliot’s descend into madness as he wrestles with his darker half. And while things are falling apart with F Society, Dominique is growing closer to finding them. The aftermath of the first season’s finale has been incredible to watch so far, but it seems like the show is gearing towards a huge move forward in the next few episodes. The second season premiere acted as a bridge between the first season and the second, and it seems like Kernal Panic is the official beginning of the second season’s story arch. So far, things are already off to an incredible start. And if the series keeps its dark tone and deep character development as strong throughout the season, Mr. Robot will redefine storytelling on basic cable television more than it did with its first season.