It seems we’ve reached the end of our visit to Annville. And to be honest, it’s for the better. But Preacher made the most of its time there by giving viewers more than we’ve ever received in the comic book. From Jesse actually being a preacher, to the backstories of some of our favorite characters, Preacher took the time to setup its world before moving to the next step in its storytelling. But despite the first season of Preacher acting as somewhat of a prequel to the comics, the ending of the season was satisfying enough to give closure to the show even if it wasn’t already set to return for a second season.

The episode mostly deals with tying loose ends as certain storylines come to a close. Jesse is on the run for most of the first half of the episode while waiting for the countdown to him summoning God to Annville. He’s then confronted by Tulip, whom has kidnapped Carlos, the man responsible for leaving them behind on their last job. It is revealed that the incident caused Tulip to miscarry their baby, which is her main drive for revenge against him. So with Carlos in the trunk of her car, Tulip brings him to Jesse so they can finally get their revenge. It is revealed that Carlos made the decision to betray them because of his jealousy of their happiness. This infuriates Jesse, and he decides to kill Carlos in the back of the trunk before Tulip stops him. She decides to let Carlos live after telling Jesse that the only thing she wanted was to know if he’d kill Carlos for her. She takes Jesse’s actions as romantic, and the two decide to allow Carlos to live after giving him a vicious beating. This ends her quest for revenge, and both Tulip and Jesse are free to move forward.

Meanwhile, Sheriff Root holds Cassidy in a holding cell while interrogating him on the whereabouts of Eugene. Root shoots Cass when he tries to attack him, and reveals that he knows he’s a vampire. He then gives him blood to heal before continuing the interrogation. Cass tells Root the truth before going in to a rant about how Root would be better off without having to see Eugene’s face all of the time. This sends Root in to a rage that ends with him emptying his gun into Cassidy and setting him free afterwards.

The big return is set as the town gather into Jesse’s church in order to witness God’s appearance in Annville. But after Jesse calls him with his hotline to heaven, the response he gets is someone who looks like the typical depiction of God in media. God answers a few questions from the members of the church with indirect answers until Jesse calls him out on it. He figures out that the person claiming to be God is an imposter, and uses Genesis to force him to reveal where the real God is. The imposter tells the truth that God has been missing ever since Genesis escaped, and is then taken away by other angels for revealing that information. Learning that God has abandoned them, the town descends into chaos before it’s destroyed by a methane factory exploding under the town. The only known survivors at the end of the episode are Jesse, Tulip, and Cass, whom then decide to take a road trip to find God. This sets up the next season, and kicks off the storyline from the comic book.


Despite taking place in Annville for the entire season, Preacher managed to flesh out it’s unique world effortlessly. And while holding all of its cards close at first, the series laid them all on the table by “Call and Response” to give closure to the town before moving forward to the Preacher stories comic book fans are familiar with. And even if the show wasn’t already renewed, the finale gives the audience a great ending to the story of the first season on par with a series finale. But fortunately for us, we’re being treated to the next stage in Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy’s story. “Call and Response” was a great way to finish up the season. And if this is what Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are capable of with just the prequel to the incredible story of Preacher, I can’t wait to see what they’re capable of next season.