Mr. Robot - Season 2

We’re almost halfway through the second season of Mr. Robot, and we’re left with more questions than answers. And it seems like the answers we received during “Logic Bomb” were shocking ones. We finally learn what Ray is up to, and it’s more sinister than we could have ever imagined. Working with the hacker that Ray had beat up by some of his henchmen episodes earlier, Elliot discovers that Ray is behind a darknet website dedicated to different illegal activities. Think Craigslist with underage prostitution and slavery, illegal firearms, and narcotics. This revelation forces Elliot to reevaluate his involvement in Ray’s activities and question if he should do something about it to stop him. But Mr. Robot is focused on the other big issue both he and Elliot are facing, and feels that taking on Ray out of morality is the wrong move at the moment.

The FBI is on to F Society. Dom has put a lot of focus on taking out the group along with anyone that may have been involved with the 5/9 hack. So she travels to meet Jung, Whiterose’s other identity as China’s Minister of State Security. There, she discusses how to take on the Dark Army as she tries to gather all of the information Jung has to offer on them. But after a few discussions with the idea of duality worked in to their conversations, she finds herself back at the office with her observations about Jung. But without warning, the FBI office is attacked by an unknown group that we can only assume is the Dark Army.

As the group mercilessly gun down everyone in their path, Dom takes cover behind a desk and defends herself as much as possible. She’s able to place a few bullets in to one of the shooters before he eventually shoots himself in the head to avoid capture. Another one starts to fire at the desk Dom is hiding behind before the segment ends with her still taking cover while being fired upon. We’ll have to wait and see how she gets out of this situation next week, but the scene itself was incredible.

Mr. Robot - Season 2

Meanwhile, Joanna decides to deal with one of the men working for her after he begins to ask too many questions. While not confirmed, dialog between the two suggest that she may have had something to do with the 5/9 hack as well. Or at the very least, she’s protecting Tyrell after he may have told her about his involvement in it. She sends her bodyguard/hitman to deal with him. But instead of simply killing him, she instructs her hitman to inject him with a drug designed to paralyze him first. She not only wanted him dead, she wanted him to have enough time to process why he was about to die before his life ended. In her mind, it’s the humane thing to do in order to separate themselves from being just common murderers. However, the idea of being unable to do anything as you watch someone prepare to end your life seems horrifying. But in Joanna’s twisted mind, it’s the right thing to do.


While Joanna covers up the 5/9 hack her own way, Angela decides to get involved in protecting F Society and herself by agreeing to drop a device in the fed office at Evil Corp. Elliot would rather not have her involved in the matter, but Darlene had already convinced her of the importance of her carrying out the act. Angela is involved with the hack despite not intentionally taking part of it. She has to cover herself up as well as F Society. So she’s the best chance F Society has to save themselves from the FBI investigation, but they have no idea of how much progress the feds have made in identifying them.

While Mr. Robot tries to persuade Elliot to turn his focus solely on the FBI’s investigation in to F Society as well, Elliot decides to do something about Ray’s dark website instead. But before he could make any moves, or even process his next step, Ray attacks him with henchmen. The episode ends with Elliot being beaten as Ray looks on and reiterates that he warned Elliot not to look at the site.

Mr. Robot - Season 2

While certainly maintaining the feel of Mr. Robot that we’ve grown used to, “Logic Bomb” feels like the show is straying far away from the format the first season established. It feels like the show is headed to a darker place than before, and feels barely recognizable when the focus is shifted away from Elliot and on to other characters. But that doesn’t mean the change in tone is a bad thing. The show has grown more complex than before, and the addition of the perspective of Dom adds more to the overall story as it unfolds from different points of view.

Elliot is no longer the only driving force for the show. The side stories involving other cast members are fleshed out well, and Dom’s perspective as the agent tasked with taking down F Society adds a new layer to the show. “Logic Bomb” showed that even when Elliot is distracted with other issues, the aftermath of the 5/9 hack is still being felt and addressed. And with Ray’s intentions exposed, and Elliot deep into something he never intended to get involved in, Mr. Robot is starting gain momentum in a different direction than what fans of the show are used to. But despite the path the show is taking being different than what we’ve seen before from it, the journey has been incredible so far.