Elliot once again proves that he is an unreliable narrator in the latest episode of Mr. Robot. He still has an issue with telling reality from his delusions, and it seems like he has become comfortable with the madness within his head. Actually, it seems like he’s welcoming it in Handshake as he uses it as a coping mechanism to deal with the current situation he’s in. But Elliot is eventually forced to deal with the truth himself, and finally reveals it to us after we’ve regained his trust. But like how he’s kept secrets from us, it seems Mr. Robot has kept a big one from him. So with everything out in the open in Handshake, we’re left with answers that have mostly only brought up a new set of questions.

Answering a question that have been lingering all season, we finally learn what happened to Tyrell the night of the hack. Mr. Robot reveals to Elliot that he killed him in order protect themselves from his psychotic behavior. Tyrell was off the rails and knew too much about their operation. And considering how he’s not afraid to take a life, keeping him around would have only put both Elliot and Mr. Robot in danger. But the new question is if Mr. Robot was telling the truth or not. Elliot did talk to Tyrell on the phone. Was that another delusion, or did he talk to the real Tyrell? And does Tyrell’s wife, Joanna, know that he’s dead?

Joanna received a mystery phone call that she didn’t answer leaving us to assume it was her husband. And in Handshake, she gets divorce papers and presents them to her sexual partner she had been seeing for a while. Is it all a front and she’s aware that her husband is dead? Or does she truly not know the whereabouts of Tyrell? And the biggest question of them all concerning Joanna is how she will react to the news of Elliot killing her husband? After all, she wasn’t afraid to order a hit on someone for knowing too much. She would definitely be a threat to Elliot if news got out.

But as Elliot struggles with what is true or not concerning the whereabouts of Tyrell, he reveals something to us, the audience, that is very true. Elliot is in prison, and everything from his regimen, to his friendship with Leon is a direct result of that fact. Elliot has used his madness as a coping device to deal with incarceration, and has kept us in the dark on his situation due to him losing trust in us. After all, we’re just another voice in his head. So we’re only allowed to see what he wants us to see. And with his inability to distinguish truth from delusion, Elliot has become extremely unreliable as a guide through the world of Mr. Robot.

With Dom piecing together that Angela may have a connection to F Society, and Angela positioning herself in another section in E Corp to take the company down from the inside, things are destined to grow complicated between the two due to Dom showing no signs of slowing down in her investigation. Handshake left us with questions on how things will play out between both Angela and Dom, how is Leon connected to Whiterose, and how Elliot will get out of jail. But the biggest question is why Elliot is in jail. Is it for the murder of Tyrell? Or is it for something entirely different? The show is keeping the answers very close to its chest, and we will just have to wait and see how the rest of this season plays out. But so far, Handshake sets the stage for what will be a definite shift in the storytelling within the rest of the season.