First, I’d like to thank everyone for subscribing to Nerdamania! It means a lot to me. I started this blog/website as a way to express my admiration for everything nerdy, and I have received a lot of positive feedback from my fellow nerds for it. From visitors whom may have stumbled upon this site randomly and decided to give it a look, to the viewers whom I’ve engaged with through the comment sections of my videos and blog posts, you are greatly appreciated for checking out my small site that I’ve put a lot of love in to creating.

Nerdamania has been a lot of fun to write for. But I’ve recently decided to focus more on videos than blog posts in order to make it feel more personal. I wanted my enthusiasm for all things nerd related to shine through more than I ever could with just words. And so far, I’ve had a blast making videos about anything that interest me enough to talk about. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’ve received some great feedback for it as well. So I wanted to take a little time to talk about (and shamelessly plug) my Nerdamania YouTube channel, and maybe convince you to take a look at it. So here’s an idea of the type of content I like to create for my channel.

Discussions on Television, Movies, and Current Nerd News


Discussing some of our favorite shows and films is the main focus of my channel. From Supergirl and The Flash, to whatever comic book or nerdy film currently on the big screen, I share my opinion and criticisms of them weekly. Although I dislike referring to my videos as reviews, I still have a basic rating system for them. I usually cover The DC shows on The CW on a weekly basis, but my weekly discussions are not limited to just that lineup. I may discuss a show that I usually don’t if the episode or series is worthy of talking about. So I’m definitely covering all of the Netflix Marvel shows as well. I also plan on discussing certain series as a full season rather than by each episode.

But movies and television aren’t the only things I discuss on my channel, I weigh in on nerd news and controversies as well. There’s never a shortage of drama when it comes to nerd culture.

Original Music and Covers


Talking nerd news, television, and movies isn’t the only content I upload. I also love covering songs from television and film for fun. I’ve already posted an acoustic cover of Dayman from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and I’m currently working on a cover of Science Fiction/Double Feature from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’ve even covered a song from Brad Neely’s Harg Nallin’ Sclopio Peepio. But my music uploads are not limited to just acoustic covers of popular songs from film and television. I also write and post original music.

My original music is inspired by my love for comics, television, and video games. My first original song is F Up The Timeline, which you can probably guess by the title that it’s a Flash inspired song. My most recent upload is a song titled Another Castle, which is a break up song from Mario’s perspective after constantly having to rescue Princess Peach. Everything I write or cover is done for laughs, so expect a little goofiness to go along with it.

Video Game Let’s Plays and Game Discussions


While I do enjoy posting some of my gaming footage online, it’s the thing I’ve done the least on my channel. This is mostly due to me currently not having anything I feel is worth streaming yet. YouTube is filled with gaming channels fully dedicated to Let’s Plays of most of the titles I own, so I’m pretty sure adding another Witcher 3 video to the mix will go completely unnoticed. However, I will continue to stream off and on from time to time whenever I run in to a fun title worth broadcasting. Also, I plan on increasing my streaming in the future. But aside from playing video games, I also talk about them. Video games touch gamers in many ways and leave us with pleasant memories. My video on Life is Strange shares a story on how a video game helped me deal with a real life issue.

My Nerdamania YouTube channel is admittedly new, but I’m currently dedicating the same love to it as I have I love being able to express my geekiness through it, and plan on continuing to use it as my main source of creativity to display my fandom for the things I love. I sincerely thank all of you for taking the time to check out my nerd site and the love I’ve received from both subscribers and visitors. I’m really dedicated to growing my small YouTube channel, and hope you can be a part of it as well. Once again, thank you for the support. I’m Jim from Nerdamania,

Take care.

You can subscribe to the Nerdamania YouTube channel Here!