The Power Of Wonder Woman

I recently uploaded a video about the reaction the Alamo Drafthouse received for their ladies only viewing of Wonder Woman, and it gained a lot of criticism from some men who agreed with the outrage. So I asked two of my female friends from Bedrock City Comics to share just how much the Wonder Woman film means to them. They share their thoughts on the power of Wonder Woman as a character, and how much the movie inspired them.

Wonder Woman Alamo Drafthouse Rant!!!

The Alamo Drafthouse announced a ladies only showing of Wonder Woman, and men are complaining about it! Well, I have a few words for them in this rant! Let’s discuss this ridiculous reaction!

The Real Reason Braun Destroyed Reigns

Braun Strowman destroyed Roman Reigns during an outlandish segment on Monday Night Raw. But despite how hilarious it was to watch Strowman flip an ambulance with Reigns inside, the segment was more than just a moment for Strowman to show off how savage he is.

Why Roman Was The Best Choice To Retire The Undertaker

Wrestlemania 34 has come and gone, but the memory of seeing one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the WWE end his career will last forever. And while some fans are upset that Roman Reigns was the one to put the dead man in the casket for good, he was actually the best choice to do so. Here’s why Roman Reigns was the best choice to retire The Undertaker.

Resident Evil 7 – Welcome To My Nightmare (Alice Cooper)

Just some of my gaming footage edited to classic Alice Cooper!!!


Iron Fist Is Garbage!!!

The final Defender’s season was released, and it doesn’t live up to the standards of the previous Marvel shows that came before it. From issues with its story, to unconvincing fight scenes, Iron Fist is a massive disappointment. Let’s discuss it!!!

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Another Castle (Super Mario Break up Song)

Check out my song dedicated to our favorite Italian plumber! Saving Princess Peach countless times would take a tow on anyone, so let’s explore the heartbreak that our hero must endure for love!


Supergirl: Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk Review

Ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Mon-El and Kara finally move their relationship to the next level. But a magical imp by the name of Mxyzptlk confesses his love for Kara as well. As he uses magic to torment her in to marrying him, Kara searches for a way to send him back to his dimension. Let’s discuss it!!

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Supergirl: Family Drama

After being framed by her mother, Lena Luthor learns more about Luthor family history. Let’s discuss it!

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