Justice League Spoiler Free Review

DC has finally released their superhero team up film, Justice League. But after being plagued with production problems behind the scenes, does it live up to the long wait? Let’s discuss Justice League in this spoiler free review!!!

In Defense Of Punisher: War Zone

Netflix’s The Punisher is releasing soon. But before Jon Bernthal officially starts his assault on crime, let’s discuss the highly underrated Punisher film that came before it. Punisher: War Zone gave us the closest adaptation of the comic book so far. It’s time it got its due.

Keep Your Racism Out Of Our Nerd Culture

Star Trek Discovery received a lot of criticism upon announcement from “fans” upset about the casting choices. Now that the show is airing and has received praise from critics, the same group of people are even more upset about the show. It’s time to call these people out.

A Grim December Live Show

Long before I started making silly acoustic songs on YouTube, I was actually in a rock/thrash band called A Grim December. I recently found one of our earlier shows and wanted to share it with all of you.

Time To Stop Defending PewDiePie

PewDiePie recently made a racial slur during a live stream, and received a lot of backlash for it. However, some of his viewers are actually defending what he said despite how ridiculous the reasoning behind their defense is. Let’s discuss this.

Kira Begins: A Death Note Fan Edit

If you’re a Death Note fan like myself, you’re probably disappointed by the Netflix adaptation of the beloved anime series and manga. So I created a fan made edit of the film that channels the feel of Death Note a little closer. This is an origin story of Light Turner becoming Kira told through footage from the Netflix film.

How To Deal With A Deadshot Spammer – Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

I’ve run in to a few Deadshot spammers recently, and learned how to close gaps and keep pressure on them. Keep the fight close and they can’t hang with you.


The new hashtag #NoConfederate was trending at number two on Twitter during Game of Thrones with people expressing their frustration about the announcement of HBO’s Confederate. The showrunners have responded to the outrage by assuring that their approach to slavery will be handled with care. Let’s discuss their ideas so far, and why the series is showing signs of not working before it has even entered production!

HBO’s Confederate Rant

HBO is working on a show based on an alternate history in which the Civil War was won by the Confederate Army. It’s a series about modern day slavery and the affect on the government by the event. But despite the backlash the announcement has received, the showrunners are still moving forward. Let’s discuss everything that’s wrong with this idea for a series.

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